This backyard wedding in Lancaster, PA, exuded boho + rustic vibes that set the tone for a laidback and fun celebration. The personal nature of their wedding location created an atmosphere of warmth and closeness, perfectly complementing the love shared between the bride, Lauren, and the groom, Brad. Their genuine affection for each other was visible throughout the day, making it a joy to capture those precious moments on camera.

As the sun began to dip, one of my favorite parts of the day arrived: the sunset portraits. Lauren and Brad had a chance to steal a few quiet moments together, basking in the golden hour’s ethereal glow. The moment was too good and I couldn’t help but be mesmerized by the intimacy and beauty of the way the light played with the detailing of her veil.

The celebration continued into the night, with the couple and their guests dancing the night away. The evening concluded with a sparker exit that was just as golden as the sunset. The wedding was a perfect blend of boho charm, relaxed atmosphere, and pure joy, making it an unforgettable day for everyone involved. I felt incredibly privileged to have witnessed and documented such a magical event.

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