Danielle + Rashad | Romantic Winter Wedding in D.C.

In the heart of the nation’s capital, Danielle and Rashad were married on a chilly February day. Despite the cold, there was so much warmth and joy surrounding them. The day began with a breathtaking first look at the iconic Union Station. While the station was pretty busy, you’d swear these two were the only ones in the room. Seeing Rashad’s eyes light up when he saw his bride, was such a special moment I was honored to have captured.

High above the bustling city streets, the ceremony took place in the penthouse sanctuary above L’Ardente, a charming Italian glam restaurant. The penthouse provided a perfect blend of intimacy and sophistication, offering panoramic views of the Capital building, as well as the D.C. city scape. The atmosphere was filled with romantic lighting that danced across the room, playing with shadows and illuminating the rich touches of vintage-inspired decor.

As the sun set and the stars emerged, the couple and their guests enjoyed a night of celebration. The air was filled with laughter, clinking glasses, and the sweet melodies that echoed the couple’s journey.

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